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United Service Group inc. was founded in 1995 to offer quality in all areas of janitorial services. After two years we specify in concrete services like: polish concrete, concrete dye, concrete crack repair/joint filler. Since then we have worked with a variety of industries, companies, grocery stores, and independent clients.                                                                                            

Or client's attest to the high quality of our work. Our mission is to benefit your business and you with a low cost, durability of beauty, safeness, and satisfaction.

We are committed to providing first-class service. We fulfill this commitment by continually reasserting and implementing the most efficient methods and technologies to benefit you and your business.

We train our staff at all levels to ensure not only excellent service but also a highly skilled and motivated team, whether we work with your current team or one we recruit to meet your specify needs.

We also provide basic maintenance services like painting, tile installation, drywall, bathroom renovation. We provide each customer with service tailored to meet their needs in this constantly changing and challenging labor market. We have a unique system in place to ensure proper staffing levels for your needs, NO MATTER WHAT.

If your business choose our services, you can be assured that you and your clients will be satisfied. We understand what you need, we know you need it in a timely fashion, and we guarantee the quality, and the best of our work.

Our CEO Eddie Reis was once a Whole Foods Market employee himself in 1995. That same year he was named best employee of the month for his hard work and excellence. The end of that same year Eddie decided to open a cleaning company to cooperate with Whole Foods Market cleaning all stores from the state of Boston. Eddie’s goals has always been to do his best! He has carried that on to the company till today “Excellence is our Goal”!

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